Dr. Stephen Metzger

Stephen Metzger is Principal of International Competitive Assessments (ICA), Cortlandt Manor, NY (NYC suburb) which he founded in 1980. He is also a Managing Director of International Market Solutions, a consortium developed to assist clients in doing business globally. Steve has a doctorate in economics, previously worked for major companies, and has extensive experience in assessing markets and trends.

ICA has focused on industries heavily involved in, or impacted by, international trade, providing clients with strategic data and analysis on international markets, new technology, and competitive international cost structures. ICA has also provided research and counsel in major investment and acquisition projects.

ICA focuses on manmade fibers, yarns, and textiles, areas in which U.S. markets are strongly affected by international competition. The company's efforts are mainly devoted to custom and syndicated market research studies, spanning a wide range of consumer and industrial markets--and to management consulting assignments arising out of, or as part of, these market studies.

The company's international client list includes some of the world's largest fiber and textile manufacturers.  ITA and ICA have jointly worked on several projects for international clients.

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