Industry Links

                    A sampling of sites of interest and sources of information concerning our industry. ITA is pleased to assist participants find the information they need, whether from ITA or other sources, even competitors.



   AATCC - The American Association for Textile Chemists and Colorists:

   American Filtration Society - All facets of filtration.

   American Flock Association (AFA) - Learn about this important textile technique. Represented by the NTA.

   American Yarn Spinners Association - Yarn trade group

   Automotive Occupancy Restraints Council (AORC) - The organization for air bags and seat belts.

   Cordage Institute - For info on industrial uses for rope and cordage.

   IFAI - The Industrial Fabrics Association International - The industry trade group: And for their expo information,

   INDA - The Association of the Nonwovens Fabrics Industry

   Knitted Textile Association - Representing the knit fabrics industry. Now a part of the National Textile Association

   National Textile Association: Formerly the Northern Textile Association, NTA is the trade group representing many specialized areas of the textile industry, and, now, the industry as a whole in the US and Canada.

  Wire Mesh and Wire Cloth Manufacturers: Wire mesh and wire cloth manufacturers including filter cloth, cloth covered wire, stainless steel wire cloth, wire cloth manufacturer, and woven wire cloth.


   International Fiber Journal:  Published bi-monthly, IFJ focuses on fibers, production and markets with periodic focus on  technical textiles.

   Journal of Industrial Textiles, Incorporating the Journal of Coated Fabrics (Sage Publications, Inc.), The only journal covering the broad range of the industrial/technical textiles industry. The JIT is part of Sage's Engineering Journals Division published out of London. Bill Smith was the was the founder and served as its Editor-in-Chief for many years.  Former Managing Editor, Dr. Dong Zhang,  Textile Research Associates, is currently Editor-in-chief while Bill serves as "Founder and Editor Emeritus". The journal was formerly the Journal of Coated Fabrics (Technomic Publishing) for over 25 years. The name and focus change took place in 2000 in order to include a wider range of interests. It was sold to Sage in 2001, and is growing in stature and reputation with each issue. The JIT is also available as part of Sage's on-line publications.

   Nonwovens Industry: Complete coverage of nonwoven fabrics and markets

  Textile World magazine (Billian Publishing) - In November 2001, Textile World, owned by Intertec/Primedia Business, was sold to Billian Publishing and became part of their Textile Industries Media Group. Their magazine, Textile Industries, was re-titled Textile World with the January 2002 issue.  You can get more information and access Textile World at

   Technical Textiles International - A UK based publisher of industrial textiles periodicals: International Newsletters of the UK is the parent company of TTI. Check them at

   TUT Magazine - An international  publications for technical textile. Unfortunately, TUT ceased publication in April 2012 after many years. Hopefully, it will be revived in electronic form.

   The Specialty Fabrics Review: The Industrial Fabric's Association International's (IFAI) monthly publication





    Georgia Tech:

    National Textile Center:

    NC State:

    Philadelphia University:

    TANDEC, The University of Tennessee: Nonwovens research.

    University of Mass/Dartmouth:


   Techtextil/Messe Frankfurt - Organizer of the world's largest technical textile exhibition, Techtextil, in Germany every two years in odd numbered years, and several other Techtextil events in the US, Russia, China, and India. - (follow link to Techtextil's various shows.

   Messe Frankfurt USA - Parent of Techtextil North America (TTNA) and the Techtextil Symposium North America (TTNAS) held recently in Los Angeles. Bill served as Symposium director since its inception in 2000 until the 2012 event and M-F'USA's reorganization. See

   The International Conference on Textile Coating and Laminating - (TCL2012), co-sponsored by ITA and with since 2010,  International Newsletters, was held  in Valencia, Spain, and was highly successful. The 2011 edition was in Orlando Florida and 2010 in Cnnes, France. This is the continuation of a world-class conference on textile coating and laminating begun by Bill Smith 20 years ago and alternated between the US and Europe. After a couple of years lapse due to sponsor concerns.  ITA is proud to have International Newsletters as our sponsor in the resumption of this landmark event. We will not do TCL in 2013 but will focus on

  The Conference on Textiles in Automotives: We will take a break from TCL and focus our efforts on this new conference, actually a revival of one Bill did with Textile World for 10 years. Atlanta is the hub of the "new South automotive" sector. See Want to participate? Let us know.


 International Market Solutions - International Market Solutions addresses answers to the challenges of international market entry and expansion. Whether you are U.S. based and seeking to establish international markets and/or production sites—or based abroad and seeking entry into the U.S. market - IMS may be able to help you avoid many of the mistakes and smooth your transition into new areas.


Many more to come.......