Mike Di Ruscio

A professional manager with background in directing manufacturing operations, product development and marketing activities in the industrial textile industry. A textile engineer with expertise in the design, development and manufacture of engineered and specialty industrial fabrics.

Academic: (BS) textile technology- engineered fabric structures. (MS) textile technology- polyester extrusion, draw texturing and textile processing.

Management career with Milliken, Huyck Corporation, Albany International, and Shakespeare. Thirty years of experience in the design, development, manufacture and marketing of highly engineered industrial fabrics. Most recent responsibilities in an international assignment as director of operations for an industrial belting company and sales/marketing management for an industrial synthetic filament yarn supplier.

Experienced in a broad range of manufacturing functions:

  • Directing industrial textile operations with international work experience
  • Product development expertise in spiral fabrics, woven and knitted industrial fabrics conveyor belts used as forming, dryer, and plastic/metal engineered fabrics for papermaking or non-woven applications
  • Use and application of various types of high performance synthetic filament yarn for industrial fabrics.
  • Process and product line development with R&D focus.
  • Quality management, TQM, SQC, process control and ISO9000 systems auditing.
  • World class manufacturing techniques such as lean manufacturing and constraint management, Six Sigma, Best Practices, value stream mapping, continuous improvement, best practices and 5 S.
  • Designer and developer for woven, knitted, needle punched and spiral engineered fabric structures.
  • A developer of patents and noted author of published technical articles on industrial textiles.
  • Market researcher and analysis and justification of product launches.

Work projects successfully completed for industry:

Weaving operation: Established and implemented product consolidation cost-reduction programs with major emphasis to reduce styles, increase efficiencies and reduce cycle time. Major efficiencies and cost savings were realized.

Mike Di Ruscio can be contacted at: MFDR@Bellsouth.net

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