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Bill is now appearing with different monthly opinion columns on two prestigious industry online newsletters/blogs. Check out http://www.innovationintextiles.com/, the leading free content publication for technical textiles, published out of the UK, edited by Billy Hunter; and http://www.beaverlake6.com/Steve Warner's new and rapidly growing newsletter. You just don't get headlines, but in depth articles.


We are pleased to have served the industrial textile industry for over 27 years now as an industry consultant specializing on marketing, market/product development, helping companies enter and/or expand their business through knowledge of the industry and company analyses. We are grateful to our clients for their faith and support.


      Confused about your place or future in the industry?

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We have been going through some difficult times. Frankly, while things are getting better, full recovery has proven to be painfully slow, at least in many areas. Market and global dynamics are shifting rapidly. Unfortunately, not everyone will survive or prosper. All the more reason, you need to be sure of your place in the market and apply innovative and deliberate methods if you are to succeed. Innovation and effective application will be the key(s) but you need to be committed and apply needed resources to the task.  ITA will be happy to help you "find your way".

Industrial Textile Associates  is an independent consulting firm dedicated to helping clients enter and/or improve their position in the industrial textile industry. We believe by providing timely and accurate information, based on our many years of experience and expertise of our associates, clients can make business decisions that are much more likely to succeed.

ITA was founded in 1986 by its principal William C. (Bill) Smith, who has been in the textile industry for many years, including sales, marketing, product and market development, and product and market management positions. For the last 27 years he has been an independent consultant, serving companies large and small. Bill has used his extensive background in assisting his clients, including most of the leading companies in the field, small firms, and start-ups..

We believe in the industrial/technical textile industry, and are one of its strongest advocates. Our work with our consulting clients, our efforts in organizing  professional development conferences, and our writing, editing, and speaking promotes the industry and educates about its opportunities. Want to be a part of it? Companies with innovation and creativity, and dedicated to doing what is necessary to service and compete in this industry, have the best chance for success. Is yours one of those companies? If so, we would like to help you achieve your goals.



Contact me at:
William C. (Bill) Smith
110 Shady Creek Court
Greer, SC 29650, USA
Mobile:  864-616-7379
email: bsmith@intexa.com 
alternate email: smithita@gmail.com
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