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ITA realizes clients may have needs that require added input or specific expertise that we may not be able to provide first hand or as extensively as needed. And there may also be times where, in order to meet schedules for clients, we must call on others for assistance. We often utilize the talents of associates, many of whom have their own consulting practice, to assist or supplement our work. In order to maintain confidentiality, associates are required to work under the same Code of Ethics and terms of nondisclosure agreed to by ITA.

There are also times where we may do work for others as well when our expertise can be of assistance.

ITA collaborates with consultants and experts world-wide in its work. The following list is not all-inclusive, but represents some of those we work with most often.

NOTE: Click on the underlined name to get further information and to see link to contact them (ITA receives a copy of all contact forms).

Senior Associates:

Subhash Batra, PhD, SKBA, LLC Durham, NC:
Our newest Associate, Dr. Batra, has a distinguished career as a researcher and academic in the textile industry. His accomplishments as an academic, researcher, and association participant are quite extensive, with a substantial nonwovens background.

Associative Relationships:

Stephen Metzger, PhD, ICA, International Competitive Assessments, New York:
Stephen has a background as an economist and does specialized and focused market research studies. He has worked with Bill on a number of studies and works with international clients. He is a Managing Director of a consulting firm specializing in setting up global operations.

Mike Di Ruscio , Mike DiRuscio Associates, Greenville, SC
Mike is a professional manager with an extensive background in directing manufacturing operations, product development and marketing activities in the industrial textile industry. A textile engineer with expertise in the design, development and manufacture of engineered and specialty industrial fabrics. With Mike on board, ITA can provide greater expertise in manufacturing and professional project management, areas frequently needed by clients.

In addition, ITA maintains other relationships in North America, Western Europe, India, Taiwan, and the Pacific Rim. Others with specialized backgrounds are used as appropriate.