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PE00898_.WMF (6408 bytes) ITA's principal, Bill Smith, makes a number of talks at international events. From time to time, we will be posting some of Bill's talks and articles we feel might be of interest. We'll update these and add others are appropriate. Use them for your personal use, but please see NOTE at bottom of page that these are copyrighted..

Please note, we are in the process of updating the articles and will repost them, and others, in due time. Bear with us.

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Technical Textiles - State of the Industry - 2009
Presentation to SPESA Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL, June 4, 2009
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The "Putting an Industry in Perspective" series:

Technical Textiles  -- Putting an Industry in Perspective.
Presented at Techtextil North America, March, 2000.
Download the paper. (27 K)
Download the full presentation. (457 K)

Coated and Laminated Fabrics  - Putting the industry in perspective.
Revised and presented last at Clemson University's Coated Fabrics Conference, April 2000.
Download the full presentation. (178 K)

Protective Clothing,
Last presented at Clemson University's 13th Protective Clothing Conference, September, 1999. (Powerpoint 97)
Download the paper. (47 K)


New Product Development  - The need, the process
A talk given several times. Updated and presented at the Techtextil Symposium North America (TTSNA) in Atlanta, March, 2001.
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Hi-Performance Fibers
A listing and discussion of numerous fibers for specialty applications.
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The ITA Hi-Performance Fibers Chart - This chart has been reproduced by many others but is copyrighted by ITA
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Automotive Air Bags -- What now?
A paper presented by Bill Smith at the Textile World/Industrial Textile Associates Conference on Textiles in Automotives (TAC) in Atlanta, June 13-14, 2001.
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Come back and check often ....... The articles are being updated and new ones will be posted soon. In the meantime, these should serve to put things in perspective and give relative situations. Please be aware consultants make their living providing such information. Most often, the precise data you need need to be developed for you on a custom basis.

NOTE: These papers/presentations are copyrighted by ITA. We ask you not to use them in other presentations, verbal, electronic, or in written papers or articles, without express written permission from ITA. If such permission is granted, Industrial Textile Associates must be identified as the source and attribution given.